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Have you ever wanted to date a bread? Now you can

I made this game for people to have a laugh about and enjoy :3


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Breaddatingsimulator-1.0-pc.zip 33 MB


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Loved it, though i secretly wanted to meet a baguette! I included it in my Ren'Py Jam part 4 video, i hope you don't mind! 

Maybe i will try to rework on the game one day and add a baguette xD

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Ty <3

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THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Your writing is brilliant, I could've never come up with something so cute and funny! For being the most boiled down story, I've never been so invested in something before. 

Very good work, I honestly think you've made one of the best games in this jam.

Thank you so much!

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I can tell this is your first game, you have potential, but there is a glitch (I think, it only happened once so my computer might be to blame) where without clicking anywhere near the save button it might pull up the save menu and it can happen at least three times in a row, the dialog can be kinda bland in the pan-chan's route with the endings for both of them seeming a bit forced (Well that secret(?) one was kinda funny, and if you made the game longer I might have not felt like they were forced, and for a five minute(?) game I did have a  good understanding of the characters) and the narration can feel like it's just repeating what was said in different words sometimes, and, as I said before, I see potential in you, so I'm following.

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Thank you for the comment, and in the testing phase i did i didnt get the save screen to open when i wasnt near it so its pretty weird that it did for you. Thanks again and next time i will try making it longer, i made it shorter because i didnt know what more to make the characters say but i'll keep in mind making it longer when i will make more games

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I can't wait! and also that save thing was just my computer, it started happening to games that worked just fine before.

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Oh i thought there was a bug that did that so i checked if i messed up the code if its your computer then its fine. Have a wonderful day/night

Thanks, you too.